Abandoned Communities ..... Poetry
In this section we will enjoy some of the poetry associated with deserted places. Oliver Goldsmith’s “The Deserted Village” deserves a page to itself.  So does “The Forsaken Dead” by W H Davies. In addition we will look at poems inspired by Old Sarum and Kenfig and some of the poems linked with the town of Dunwich.

There will be a poem that recalls the clearances in Strathnaver, poems written before and after the creation of reservoirs in Wales, and a poem written through the eyes of a woman who survived the destruction of Hallsands by the sea. Another poem was inspired by a photograph of the parliament of St Kilda, and there is one written by a former resident of Burnside of Dun. Another poem was composed after a visit to the military training area on Epynt.

Or you can turn to the page with haiku about some of the deserted villages of Norfolk.